Landscaping Sydney

At Anthony's Secret Gardens Landscaping Sydney we take a creative and practical approach to landscaping design & construction, offering a service tailored to your individual needs.
We believe in creating beautiful landscaping that suits and enhances your lifestyle, improve their surroundings and more importantly that are livable and achievable.
We will then take the time to discuss with you our recommendations in construction materials and methods that will be long-lasting, effective and will be appropriate for your budget while adding value to your property.
Anthony's Secret Gardens Landscaping Sydney can assist you with all aspects of landscaping including:
Paving and Stonework
Plants selection and planting
Turf laying
Installation of Water Features, Irrigation and Water tanks
Excavations work
Garden lighting and much more.
For additional information on Landscaping Sydney you can contact Anthony directly on 0414 55 22 47 or  contact us to organise your first consultation with Anthony and to obtain a free quotation.
Anthony's Secret Gardens - Landscaping Sydney

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Landscaping in Sydney


Landscaping is both an art as well as a science. It is nothing but designing your outdoor environments in order to meet specific requirements or objectives – like making your surroundings beautiful that can really soothe your eyes! The other objectives may involve landscaping the public park of your society or colony, landscaping the area for the park users, lighting, as well as a playground for children. The other additional services are attached with the landscaping because of its nature of work which may involve construction, tree surgery, ground working, carpentry and fencing. Basically, the word landscaping can be defined as any activity that is involved in transformation of a land or an area into something that would look appeasing to the people living over there.  The landscaping is not only limited to gardens, but it comes with various different designs from bricks landscaping to blocks landscaping!

Now, a matter of concern, there are certain factors on which the entire landscaping depends on out of which the most important one is location. In order to successfully thrive, the landscaping ideas must be implied with careful considerations by taking into account the climate of that particular location as it is one of the major factors that can make or break a landscape.

Landscaping in Sydney can be challenging as a vast climatic variation is observed in this region. Here, the scenario is such that even in a single state, the cities and towns observe different weather at a single point of time. The idea of landscaping in Sydney involves a meticulous selection of plants along with their strategic arrangement in both the cases – the in house garden or a public park! If you live in Sydney, you can work out properly as you yourself will be observing that the climate of one area dictated the kind of plants and landscape elements that you can cultivate. Thus, you can automatically get the idea of what should be done and how should be done if you have decided to opt for landscaping in Sydney. Though challenging, if done with taking the minutest care, the results are definitely going to be amazing!