Landscaping North Shore

At Anthony's Secret Gardens Landscaping North Shore we take a creative and practical approach to landscaping design & construction, offering a service tailored to your individual needs.
We believe in creating beautiful landscaping that suits and enhances your lifestyle, improve their surroundings and more importantly that are livable and achievable.
We will then take the time to discuss with you our recommendations in construction materials and methods that will be long-lasting, effective and will be appropriate for your budget while adding value to your property.
Anthony's Secret Gardens Landscaping North Shore can assist you with all aspects of landscaping including:
Paving and Stonework
Plants selection and planting
Turf laying
Installation of Water Features, Irrigation and Water tanks
Excavations work
Garden lighting and much more.
For additional information on Landscaping North Shore you can contact Anthony directly on 0414 55 22 47 or  contact us to organise your first consultation with Anthony and to obtain a free quotation.
Anthonys Secret Gardens - Landscaping North Shore

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Hire professionals at landscaping North Shore – make your garden beautiful

Every one of us values beauty and it is important that all out household and official premises remain beautiful. In order to have a better view an also to get a beautiful view we generally plant flowers and also designer plants to increase the beauty of the office or the house. It is preferable to have a landscape garden. The professionals at landscaping North Shore are the experts in providing a beautiful garden landscape. Landscaping is basically the process of designing the garden with the help of flowers, flowering plants and also designer plants. The garden landscaping can be done by the owners themselves but it is better to hire the professionals in order to develop the landscaping. The landscaping North Shore experts are trained excellently and do the entire gardening using the basic principles of the landscaping.

We at landscaping North Shore provide different types of professionals for the landscaping. The person can take the services of landscape architect, landscaper, landscape builder, nursery, the garden designer and the landscape contractor. When you look at the names you may feel that the job of the professionals may be the same; but it is not so every type of professional has a different way of working for the landscaping. The landscape architect should be a person who has a legal degree in the field of architecture. They use the tools like presentations, reports, the details about the land impact studies and also proposals for the clients. They are mostly preferred by the government for the purpose of developing large scale projects.

 We at landscaping North Shore also provide the services of the landscape contractor who take the entire contract to renew your garden and make it a beautiful landscape. The contractors also provide the service of making the masonry structures which gives a beautiful view to the garden.