Garden Maintenance Sydney

Anthony's Secret Gardens offers garden maintenance services for residential, acreage, strata and commercial sites in Sydney.
Our garden maintenance service begins with assessing your garden on site and discussing with you your garden maintenance needs. We will then make our recommendations in regard to the maintenance frequency and services, creating a maintenance program for you to review.
Upon approval, your property will be carefully included in our maintenance schedule, ensuring that your garden is regularly maintained and kept to its best.
Anthony's Secret Gardens can assist you with:
  • Gardens and Lawns regular maintenance for residential and acreage properties.
  • Maintenance programs for strata and commercial buildings.
  • Gardens trimming, feeding and mulching routines.
  • Rental property regular maintenance and in between tenants clean up.
  • Pre-sale garden clean up.

For any of you garden maintenance Sydney needs, contact us for you first consultation with Anthony and a free garden maintenance plan quotation.


Anthony's Secret Gardens, Garden Maintenance Sydney



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Garden maintenance Sydney


Decorative gardens and uniquely designed landscapes can append value to the property and hence it has become a trend nowadays to design a garden of high quality and amplify the beauty of your home to three folds. But keep in mind that every beauty is called beauty until and unless it is maintained. Hence maintenance is the prime concern once you fix up garden area in any corner of your home. It also happens that in fulfilling the wish of having garden you may develop it but its preservation becomes headache sometimes. For the gardeners and horticulturist it surely becomes easy and of their interest but for person who is not having that much interest, it’s a nightmare.

Due to busy schedule and hectic life, people invariably don’t find time for maintaining their garden and hence they take the help of professional garden maintenance service providers in the city. As they are having trained and expert staff along with advanced tools and equipments which makes your garden live and vibrant. Only thing you need to do is to place a call or fill up the enquiry form and they will be in offering their service to you within no time. In the same way garden maintenance Sydney offers gardening service to in whole of the Sydney and nearby areas.

As we know plants are living thing on earth and hence they have the lifecycle as well as require proper caring. Their journey from sapling to death requires maintenance and as result of that they even need to be pruned and trimmed to proper shape. Even the activity of pruning, removing dead woods and carving proper shape requires proper knowledge and technique as lot of risks is associated with it. Hence taking the help of professional garden maintenance service provider is wiser option or else if you are gardening enthusiast then do take proper tips and knowledge from the available resources.