Garden Maintenance North Shore

Anthony's Secret Gardens offers garden maintenance services for residential, acreage, strata and commercial sites in North Shore Sydney.
Our garden maintenance service begins with assessing your garden on site and discussing with you your garden maintenance needs. We will then make our recommendations in regard to the maintenance frequency and services, creating a maintenance program for you to review.
Upon approval, your property will be carefully included in our maintenance schedule, ensuring that your garden is regularly maintained and kept to its best.
Anthony's Secret Gardens can assist you with:
  • Gardens and Lawns regular maintenance for residential and acreage properties.
  • Maintenance programs for strata and commercial buildings.
  • Gardens trimming, feeding and mulching routines.
  • Rental property regular maintenance and in between tenants clean up.
  • Pre-sale garden clean up.

For any of you garden maintenance North Shore needs, contact us for you first consultation with Anthony and a free garden maintenance plan quotation.


Anthony's Secret Gardens, Garden Maintenance North Shore

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Garden maintenance north shore


Nowadays gardening has just remained a hobby but its art in combination with science. Most of them start gardening with just a mere hobby but as the time goes on it replaces hobby with art and good horticulturist. All the gardeners and enthusiasts read lot more to gain the knowledge about tricks and ideas for becoming a perfect horticulturist. Today due to advancement in technology there are lot of invention and innovations which have been introduced in the market to increase the enthusiasm of gardeners. Also lot of articles and blogs are written on the websites in order to spread the knowledge of gardening and its tips and traits for plantation.

Once you have beauty of garden in your home then of course it becomes vital to take care and maintain the same panoramic view of your garden. As every plant species needs special care and attention it is necessary that you maintain them accordingly. Hence garden maintenance north shore gives you number of tips and guidance on gardening and plantation. There are few steps to follow for gardening in order to increase your gardening experience such as at the first stage you should know which kind of plants you want to grow in your garden, then comes the quality of soil and clay, then comes the seed or sapling, time also plays important role in planting the seeds. These are some of the main points which are to be taken care off.

Garden maintenance is as important as you maintain your house and your vehicles. Also it is more crucial as plants are living thing on this earth and it requires proper care as it makes the use of sunlight, water and proper surrounding. Hence it becomes necessary to supply all this components in right content and at right time. Garden maintenance north shore provides you all tips for gardening.